Gazzo and Disco Fries – “Gone” Release


I remember finding The Disco Fries back in 2010 and with a name like that, it’s hard not to listen. Disco Fries hooked up with their friends to release a sequel to their first compilation album called “Get Fried, Vol 2“. The album features some of their favorite songs from the last few months as well as some originals and collaborations, including this little number.  “Gone” is a collaboration between Disco Fries and Gazzo, another producer. This song is very radio friendly as well as interesting. I love the first drop with the minimalistic kick along with mallets and drumstick. There’s a nice slide that comes in as well that really is the icing on the cake. This is hands down my favorite part of the song and while each break afterward adds more each time, I can’t help but get hooked immediately off the beginning alone.

By the second break, the song is turned up into full EDM mode including a much fuller chorus. There are some great drums throughout the track, much more than your normal four-on-the-floor song. The vocals are clear and right up front throughout the whole track. The vocals work perfectly with the guitar and it’s truly a nice melody. This is nothing crazy different but it sure is one cool track.

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