German DJ Sini’s “It’s Not Love” Is a Groovy House Jam

Sini is a rising German DJ who has been producing music for nearly a decade. Sini was born as Sinan Yalcin in the city of Wiesbaden, located in the western German state of Hessen. As a nine-year-old child, Sini developed a passion for music when he first played a guitar. Entering adulthood, Sini started his career in Frankfurt by spinning hip-hop and R&B music. As his craft got enhanced, he began creating his own original tracks. One of them being his latest single “It’s Not Love”, released on June 5, 2020.

Review of “It’s Not Love”

The track starts off with steady piano tunes that are joined by melodic vocals expressed by a female vocalist. “It’s Not Love” later incorporated a Latin-style vibe when groovy loops appeared in the track. Afterwards, deep house rhythms and expressive trumpet playing made their presence known. Those sounds enhanced “It’s Not Love” into an EDM anthem that everyone can hear at a music festival or in their rooms equally. The track returned to its upbeat atmosphere that can influence a listener to turn up the volume even more. “It’s Not Love” is a perfect track for where people who want to listen great music while escaping the hectic environment of today’s world.

More about Sini

Sini’s foray into house music began after making a memorable trip to Ibiza. That Ibiza trip is a main factor in Sini enhancing his musical style and allowed him to create his own music. The inspiration from the Ibiza trip led him to release his first track “My Little World” on BigCityBeats Recordings. His house music inspirations are the Swedish House Mafia and he always works hard improving on his productions. His musical style has influences progressive, tech-house and electro-house. There is no doubt that many EDM fans worldwide will get to see and hear Sini as a headlining DJ at some of the world’s top electronic music radio shows, live-streams, events, and music festivals one day. “It’s Not Love” is currently available for download and stream.

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