Golden Features Releases Debut Full Length ‘SECT’

What sort of talent does it take to have a killer debut album? Tom Stell’s talent is a good place to start. Tom Stell, most commonly known as Golden Features, has been gaining fans with inventive singles and remixes since 2014, however, this has come to fruition with his irresistibly contagious debut album SECT. Prior to this 10-track album release, his songs “Falling Out” and “Worship” served as enticing previews of what’s to come. Despite these taunting teasers, his release exceeds the already high expectations.

The album rears up with the cutting track “Always,” composed of synchronized vocals and ghostly vocoders fusing with ominous electronic drums, synths, and beats, immediately transporting the listener to a deep destination and setting the tone for the rest of the tracks. The succeeding tracks “Medicate,” “Runner” and “Falling Out” continue to embody the thumping beats with harmonized tunes. They are characteristic of the deep house genre, while transmitting a rhythm to get your head bumping.

Things begin to slow down with “Woodcut”. Then, there is a transition to the song “Pyre” and “Renewal” with more melodic tunes and symphonies. These tracks evoke a comforting and elegant simplicity, serving as a refreshing break to the album from the headbanging recurring bass. In addition, these tracks serve to show Seller’s diverse talents in music production which go beyond club sounds. Nonetheless, the rave-style beats pick up again with the fan favorite “Worship” bringing us to the more intense tracks “Everything” and “1991.” These tracks are infectious and possessive with their intensifying peaks and sick drops, making the urge to want to jam out inescapable.

If you’re in search of something to get you energized for any occasion, whether it be a night out or the gym, SECT is sure to get your gears going and calories burning.

Download / Stream SECT on all platforms here or listen below!

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