Good Morning Mix: Parisian producer FFFELIX offers mini-mix packed with impressive edits

Point Point‘s emerging French house imprint Record Record are kind of like the young man’s Ed Banger Records, so to speak. They embody the same groovy, homegrown DIY attitude that manifests itself as a similarly sophisticated blend of good, wholesome electronic music. Though the label is still a small operation, recruits like FFFELIX represent a vision that’s ahead of the curve. Dropping off a short and sweet 20-minute mini-mix, FFFELIX flexes out a handful of virtually unheard remixes and edits that will make you salivate, fittingly titled “Dank Flips Vol. 1.”

From his take on Migos to Faith Evans with edits of The Ying Yang Twins and Miguel in between, FFFELIX drops off a pleasant surprise from his personal crate, marked by a distinct, creative hip-hop influence. Representing a different side of the French dance spectrum, Record Record are on the come up, and talents like FFFELIX are the reason why.

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