GRiZ “Bangers[2].Zip” Is Out Now On Deadbeats

GRiZ bringing on more hip vibes in his funky EDM style

EP Overview: GRiZ “Bangers[2].Zip”

First of all, fans rejoice because he did it again: GRiZ “Bangers[2].Zip”. After a long and anxious waiting period, “Bangers[2].Zip” is here for the public to enjoy. The first EP in the “Bangers” series was explosive and brought three high-energy tracks that got listeners going nuts. Anyone who liked it will not be disappointed with this second edition. It is perfectly composed to satisfy and amplify your hunger.

The new EP was released on Zeds Dead’s bass-fueled Deadbeats label. Recently artists including Rusko, Peekaboo, Eprom x G Jones, and 1788-L have dropped singles on this label, and we expect to see much more coming soon.

Track Breakdown

“Griztronics” Feat. Subtronics

This track is everything we hoped to find with a collaboration of these two talented producers. “Griztronics” is a wobbly, bass-heavy masterpiece that is just a blast to listen to every time. The hype surrounding this release was entirely justified.

GRiZ (left) and Subtronics (right)

Subtronics teased this track at his Electric Forest set, and since then it has been atop everyone’s radars. Already other artists have been spotted throwing “Griztronics” into their sets — NGHTMRE and SLANDER dropped the banger during their performance at Moonrise.

“Freak The Method”

The second track “Freak The Method” is a fun and funky tune that is somehow dirty at the same time. Notably it features the famous guitar riff that GRiZ has been opening his shows with.

The drops are hard, the transitions are clever and cohesive, and this track is an absolute jam. It serves as a nice middle-piece in “Bangers[2].Zip” as a reminder of the GRiZ we know and love, to keep listeners glued to the EP.

“Push The Vibe”

The EP finishes strong with the last track “Push The Vibe.” It has a jazzy dub feel with all of the different drum sounds and heavy drops. The vocals are loud and energizing, and it closes out this EP oh so well.

There is a brief pause in the middle of the track to allows time to catch your breath and prepare for the powerful finale. It leaves listeners hyped and satisfied, but at the same time already craving the next release.

About GRiZ

GRiZ saxophone

The producer is in the middle of a huge year. GRiZ released the album “Ride Waves” back in April, for which he has been touring, and now a total of six hard-hitting tracks in the “Bangers” series. He is known for his self-proclaimed future funk style and incredible live performances that constantly produce loyal fans. Often he will improvise on the saxophone and guitar during sets and is famous for his 15-piece GRiZ Live Band shows.

GRiZ has quickly risen to become a top name in EDM. As such he is highly sought after. Over the next few months, he will be touring all over the US, including two sold-out shows at the famous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Be sure to check out this awesome talent, as his ever-evolving sound captivates without fail. GRiZ “Bangers[2].Zip” is just another example.

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