Hard and Heavy Sounds: Vyral Releases Single “Black Hole”

A Raw Hardstyle track out now via Spoontech Records

“Black Hole”

Sci-fi inspired vocals and eery lead melodies make for a dark atmosphere. The hard-knock of the kick drum and the tight power-snare push this track into the hard styles of electronic dance music. Furthermore, the iconic screech instrumental makes “Black Hole” a Raw Hardstyle track. Listen to “Black Hole” by Vyral below.

Dynamic Effects

Amidst the musical appeal are immersive soundscapes that put the listener in a swirl of sound with effects audible as stereo fades and panometric delays. Swishing noise pulses ping-pong left and right. Meanwhile, the thundering kickrolls resound with spacious reverberation as if to span the infinite reach of a black hole.

Sights and Sounds

Amidst the excitement for the music of “Black Hole” comes much appreciation for the cover art created for it’s releases on the Black Hole EP.

Rumbling kick drums generate intense energy that is, perhaps, interpreted in the cover art, or more literally by its title “Black Hole”. Either way the artistry here by ReeceDesign is much appreciated as demonstrated in the dialogue from the Facebook post below. Observe the tremendous support for the cover art, the music, and from the contributors and fans:

About Vyral

Young, talented, and active in the raw hardstyle scene. Vyral is doing well and his tracks are exemplary of professional quality. Most noteworthy is his musical motivations from his biography on the Spoontech Records website:

With a big passion for the classic and industrial Hardstyle sound,
he combines touchy melodies with slamming kicks and creates unique vibes with every track

This spells out a promise for more music that listeners want to hear. Vyral delivers that promise since the track “Black Hole” is part of an EP by the same name with another great track titled “Rock the House”. Furthermore, Vyral continues to demonstrate his gift of music with plans to perform a set at the spring Raw Hardstyle event Qapital 2019 at the Spoontech Area.

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