This isn’t a drill everyone, Hardwell and KSHMR joined forces to make a new song, Power via Spinnin’ Records. The two combine their unique sounds to create something all house-music lover’s need to hear at least once; this is the perfect song to pump the crowd up and get them moving and dancing.

Hardwell is one of the most guiding, experienced, and well-known producer in the EDM scene. He has won many awards over the years, including 5 at just the 2015 IDMA awards. KSHMR’s dedication and desire are well-known in the EDM culture and a major fan base. His melodies and beats correlate with the way he grew up.

“Power” starts with strong vocals and a slow beat that becomes much more dominant, leading to a drop that leaves the entire room on their feet and dancing around. Considering the mesmerizing vocals, while singing of such a dangerous subject and word, power, it initiates the audience to brace themselves for the uplifting and energetic drop. When the beat becomes smooth the chorus starts up and listeners catch themselves singing to the catchy tune before another potent buildup arrives. Hardwell and KSHMR have both been said to be #1 artists in house music and are both names that are able to change and shape the music industry. Their talents combined created a masterpiece that’s full of Power.

The lyric video for “Power” is of golden, Roman statues with geometric shapes. When the chorus builds up, there is a bronze statue, hand spinning in front of the fire with a bold, black background. The music video overloads the watch with the feeling of power, between Roman gods, fire, strong vocals, and a drop that will make the listener throw their arms in the air. The energy the two brought together in this song has music go-ers thrilled and craving more.


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