Hashbrown’s Tech House Track is the Perfect Groovy Summer Single

Hashbrown single 'Let the Music'

Summer is here and Hashbrown’s latest groovy tech house single ‘Let the Music’ is heating it up.

Hailing from the small island of Mauritius, Hashbrown has made a name for himself by sharing the stage with artists such as Doc Martin, Volkoder, and Worthy, to name a few. He was also a resident DJ at the iconic Avalon club in Hollywood. He was formerly known by his legal name Kash, now known by his new moniker Hashbrown.

Just released on Fyasko Music on May 22nd this year, this energetic tech house track with a deep, groovy bass line has me swaying my hips and tapping my feet as I listen to it. I can see this single being a total hit on the dance floor. I can already imagine my friends and I dancing to the infectious rhythm as we sip from our White Claws.

The song has several standout tech house elements that are familiar to those who know the genre well. There’s the part that sounds like cats shooting lasers out of their eyes and I can already hilariously visualize it displayed on a screen as the song plays.

This track from Hashbrown has such a catchy vibe, as simple vocals echo “let the music” over and over again. You can feel the music getting in your soul. How can you help but dance to this one?

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You can download the exclusive Beatport track here.

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