Get Ready for Psychedelic Hardstyle from Hatom’s release “Rave Maths”

“Rave Maths” Track Review

Call it psychedelic, call it hardstyle, whatever you may call this track’s style, “Rave Maths” by Hatom is still EDM. A far cry from the traditional melodic hardstyle,  this track leans toward a meaner vibe with sliding acid lines and hard kicks. Have a listen to this dynamic track, below, and be ready for sounds that are moving all over the stereo field.

Sound Design

Organic like sounds. As if the instruments have a wetness to them, perhaps, not the most helpful way of speaking to the overall sound design but it is there. Also, a wealth of acid style sounds sliding up and down in pitch. The acid line has a percussive element, too. The main percussion, of course, is the hard kick drums keeping the beat with two variants. This is becoming a trend in hardstyle where producers are treating listeners to not to just one kick but several more. The result is a fresh break from tracks whose dependence on one kick drum is seemingly redundant and therefore boring.

"Rave Maths"
Photo from Hatom Facebook.


The kick drums come down hard and on beat amidst the disorienting acid lines. The interlude changes up the rhythm with a breakbeat. Rhythms are fast at 150 BPM making for an exciting listening experience.


Psychadelic sounds like the acid lines inspire a weird vibe, the hard kicks are mean, the builds and drops are thrilling. Each time the track plays, it seems that other vibes come through depending on personality and mood, for that reason, the feelings listeners have may vary in response to the track. Above all, this track will make the crowd dance.

"Rave Maths"
Graphic from Hatom Facebook.

Audience Reactions

Quiet and understandably so because this up-and-coming producer has yet to make his mark with audiences. In time, this hardstyle track is one indicator that it will appeal to many fans. At that, this track is one of three on the EP, making a bold statement that this producer is making music meant to be heard.

However, the supporting record label for this EP gives generous appreciation for Hatom’s music. Evidently, the track descriptions written for the track on the releasing label’s website communicate that this artist deserves a listen. Enjoy his party tracks from their release via The Funky Cat label, here.

About Hatom

This Slovak DJ and producer is into the European Hardstyle scene as he has won the support of hardstyle artists such as Headhunterz, Coone, and Sound Rush. Performing in the Czech Republic over the spring and summer months this year at events like ‘Hardstyle Madness 4’ and ‘Rezonance Hardstyle’. Upcoming performances this summer include his appearance at the ‘Outdoor Rave’ and the EDM event ‘Explicit’.

"Rave Maths"
Photo from Hatom Facebook.

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