Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet “Hava” Feat. Dr. Phunk

A fun, and upbeat party track

This hard dance banger, “Hava”, features the hardstyle sounds of Dr. Phunk in an arrangement of the musical stylings of Steve Aoki‘s big room sound and the crossover DJ trumpeteering of Timmy Trumpet. Out now via Ultra Records, have a listen to “Hava” Feat. Dr. Phunk by Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet.

“Hava” Feat. Dr. Phunk by Steve Aoki & Timmy Trumpet

Track review: “Hava” Feat. Dr. Phunk

This hard dance track is a vibrant production. Ecstatic vibes, bright melodies in G-sharp major. The instrumental trumpet tune transforms into an exquisite electro synth lead melody. Ripening up the beats with hardstyle kick drums and dance-inducing reverse bass, “Hava” Feat. Dr. Phunk is a musically adventurous production. Moreover, this track is the result of the collaboration of Steve Aoki and Timmy Trumpet. This pairing recruits years of musical experience into one massive production unique unto themselves.

Turning up the tempo to 150 BPM, “Hava” Feat. Dr. Phunk is appropriately paced to the hardstyle producer’s fast paced dance tracks. The dance music staple components present in this track–the build, break, and the drop–will surely fuel the dance parties this summer. Get ready, “Hava” Feat. Dr. Phunk, is a firestarter to set dancefloor ablaze with energy.

About the Artists

Steve Aoki

An all around musical talent, Steve Aoki amazes audiences as a DJ and churns out music in his studio productions. Aside from his music, fans love to get caked at his shows. He really brings energy to the party.

DJ and producer, Steve Aoki

Timmy Trumpet

Once a young jazz trumpeter, now crossing his brass instrumental talents in the mix of EDM tracks, Timmy Trumpet plays music all over the world. He had his beginnings a jazz prodigy in his teens back home in Australia. Now, he is globe-trotting as a musician and a TV star on The Stafford Brothers FOX8 reality TV series.

DJ, producer, and musician, Timmy Trumpet

Dr. Phunk

Dutch hardstyle talent, Dr. Phunk, is well known among the dutch hardstyle scene. Releasing on many of the leading hardstyle record labels such as Dirty Worx, his sound is not to be missed. “Hava” got a huge crowd reaction when Steve Aoki dropped the track during his performance at Tomorrowland.

DJ and producer, Dr. Phunk

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