HDMX “Signal From The Sun” [The White Shadow Remix] Out Now!

With ominous forebodings, The White Shadow has released his remix of the track “Signal From The Sun” by HDMX via the label Canal Auditif. Through this ten minute remaster, The White Shadow takes us through intense vibrations reminiscent of what NASA has reported the sound of the sun to be. This sound feels more pronounced in The White Shadow’s mix. With nearly twice the song length of the original, this track offers twice the space-feel experience. The White Shadow’s style adds a deeper twist of an undertone to “Signal From The Sun.”



The Remix

The atmosphere of “Signal From The Sun” is absolutely haunting. The intro of the remix certainly preludes an adventure and an energetic purpose. The White Shadow introduces “Signal From The Sun” with assertive drums, while the intro from the original mix carries a larger variety of atmospheric sound. This simplistic approach seems to play up the sound of the “sun signals” in a more pervasive manner. This is particularly appealing since that sound seems to be the overall inspiration and intended focal point of the track.


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The White Shadow

The White Shadow aka Anthony Godwin knows France as his birthplace. He is a talented DJ and producer who has not only remixed songs, but has produced amazing original tracks along with his more recent SoundCloud release of his “Cosmo EP.” This EP reflects The White Shadow’s deep, atmospheric techno sound. This aspect of serious characteristics mixed with those that are intriguing shine bright in The White Shadow’s “Signal From The Sun” remix. Gaining skills in techno since the age of 13, The White Shadow has developed his sound and signed with record labels such as Inceptor Records and Erased Records.


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“…[The White Shadow] has soon delivered what we could considered as his own unique sound: a mixture of melodic beats with an incredibile variety of influences, in which future and past are carefully combined.” -R.A.


The White Shadow:

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