Feel the Music with Headhunterz “Orange Heart”

Melodic, and emotional hardstyle with an anthem sound

Headhunterz is a headliner, a true musical talent, and a pioneer in electronic dance music. For over a decade, he has emerged as an icon in the early days of the hardstyle scene, and evolved and change with it, delivering impeccable hardstyle tracks through and through.

Headhunterz “Orange Heart” is nothing short of the best hardstyle music he is known for as a producer. As such, this track’s release on July 09, 2019 is seated in the number one position in the rankings for the top downloads. So, have a listen to the music in the video above to hear just how sweet the sounds are in Headhunterz “Orange Heart”.

Headhunterz “Orange Heart” is out now via Q-Dance Records

Track review: Headhunterz “Orange Heart”

Emotional lyrics

Right from the start the heartfelt lyrics against the melodic background make for a captivating listening experience. The tone of the lyrics that speak to the human need for emotional release. Also, they are backed with a powerful lead melody with euphoric vibes. Together, this moves listeners to a spiritual place.

There’s a dragon inside, you can no longer hide,

with a burning desire, rise up from the fire,

with the power of truth, and the beauty of freedom,

reach up for the sky, till we see the orange sun.

Burning heart, tear me apart,

Raising me up to the orange sun.

And you can no longer hide from the dragon inside,

Rise up from the fire, with the power of truth,

and the beauty of freedom, reach up for the sky,

till we see the orange sun.

Feel it beat beneath your skin, come together and begin,

Celebrating, we can make it, hear the calling from within,

it’s our moment, it’s our time, to awake and come alive.

Undivided, we can fight it,

from the dragon deep inside your burning heart.

Tear me apart, raising me up to the orange sun,

out of the dark, lighting a spark,

starting a fire that burns in our heart.

Lyrics to Headhunterz single “Orange Heart” Feat. Sian Evans

Furthermore, this effect generates an intensity of feeling the music that is perfect for the high energy of hardstyle music. Headhunterz “Orange Heart” is a seriously touching track, so, expect it to get you in touch with your emotions.

Since the lyrics have an emotional nature they demand the talents of a singer that can express their intense passion. That singer, Sian Evans, accomplishes this with her dynamic vocal performance in Headhunterz “Orange Heart”.

Hardstyle instrumentals

From the huge leads playing the tracks melody, to the hard kick drum, Headhunterz “Orange Heart” takes these signature sounds of hardstyle music into anthem style sound that captures the spirit of the festival season.

The melody begins as a piano ensemble in the intro. This adds a classy touch to the piece. The gentle sound of the piano appropriately cradles the gentle voice of Sian Evans. To emphasize this tactful pairing of instrumentals, listeners can hear a similar effect as track progresses toward the build up.

As such, the energy coming from the melody and Sian Even voice intensifies as the lyrics become more emotional. The once gentle singing and piano melody evolve into a louder voice and lead synth melody. Hearing this contrast is wonderful to the hears and testament to the skill Headhunterz hasin provoking feelings with music.


Backed by Q-Dance, the leading promoter of all things Hardstyle, released Headhunterz “Orange Heart” on their label, Q-Dance Records. Also, they recorded the live set of Headhunterz at Defqon.1 where he premiered the track.

Since the recordings post onto social media, much support from fans is evident with over 14 K likes for the official video on YouTube. The laudable track’s support is most expressly stated in the replies to the tracks video post on Headhunterz Facebook:

Many fans posting comments in appreciation of Headhunterz “Orange Heart” use the word “amazing” to describe its effect. Naturally, many included the orange heart icon to their post as a nod to the track’s title “Orange Heart”.

A significant track for its overwhelming support alone, and even more so since Headhunterz confesses that he just may have outdone himself:

 I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be able to top this. I gave it my all. 


All is well as it ever has been with Headhunterz producing talent and fan support. Surely, he will be evolving and changing with the hardstyle scene as he has done before, ultimately, coming back from the studio with cutting-edge productions.

About Headhunterz

He has been in the hardstyle scene since its beginnings in the late 2000s. Known for his talent with melodies and fondness for pairing them with the hardstyle drops, this artists is going strong with multiple musical projects.

DJ and Producer, Headhunterz

Aside from his solo act as Headhunterz, he performs with Wildstylez as a hardstyle duo under the alias Project One. As such, they have been working together throughout the late 2010s with much success and support from Q-Dance. Headhunterz is hardstyle.

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