Press Play: Hellberg Releases New Single “Hey Mama”

Release Single “Hey Mama”

Out now via Sony Music

Hellberg’s most recent release features his new direction in producing house music that is delectably melodic and vocal-centric. Listen to the new track, “Hey Mama” below.

Sound Design

Soft and slow percussion, heartfelt lyrics, and feel-good melodies pervade throughout this track. Signature to Hellberg’s new sound, here, is the authenticity of instrumental sounds that just sound, real. There is one exception to these acoustic sounds: an especially unique metallic percussion instrument unlike anything in your drumkit. It plays in the intro with a sound sketch like an object dropping into a cup. It makes for a nice reminder that “Hey Mama” is a work of electronic music and not the garage band next door.


So happy and keen, it is a saccharine overdose. Some of the positively happiest vibes in this track tickle one in such a way that just breaks a serious state of mind into a dumb-happy daze from exposure to such uplifting sounds and lovey-dovey lyrics. That is not said without an appreciation for the music and the lyrics. They are well placed in the composition and they inspire the feel-good vibes familiar among today’s house music. The words tell of that great feeling that comes from true love. Listeners will love hitting the play button on this track time after time. Go ahead and do it. There is more feel-good to be had.


The mix quality is really involved in “Hey Mama”. The balance of striking sounds that are electronic versus authentic is a challenge from the start all the way to mix-down. If there was ever the slightest shift in volume to make it all come in clean, Hellberg does it well. Even the overall loudness of the track is not so loud as often is the case with electronic music.

Here it is, realistically as loud as the human voice and musician would sound. There is an audible discrimination between the human versus machine-made sounds. Generating this difference is the art of music production, and Hellberg knows this well. He is a true artist for bringing the music production of “Hey Mama” to superior quality.

Audience Reactions

Straight from long-time fans and newcomers to Hellberg’s sound are a general celebration of his house music. Very few had less to say: nothing bad just a little uneasiness in adjusting to his new change. Have a look at the response to Hellberg’s latest release “Hey Mama” below.

About Hellberg

From early childhood, Hellberg’s affinity for music grew into a journey as a music producer. By age 13, electronic music would become a story of success in the studio. Early releases of Hellberg’s house music such as “The Girl” and “This is Me” amaze audiences. After two years away from the studio, fans are now praising his return. Welcoming Hellberg back as a legend with a new sound as evident in “Hey Mama”, this young-blood from Sweden is bringing house music to the world.

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