Holly Releases Second Single from Alameda 1000 EP: “Through Me”

Holly Releases "Through Me" For Alameda 1000 EP

Portuguese DJ Holly, whose real name is Miguel Oliveira, is one of Europe’s top bass producers. He has worked with some of the best DJs such as Steve Aoki, Martin Garrix, Borgore, and The Chainsmokers. Additionally, his increasing popularity has lead him to perform at prominent festivals including EDC, Coachella, Dead Rocks, and recently at Audiotistic.

On May 17th, he released an EP titled Avenal 2500 via Deadbeats which includes the lead single, Encontrar, featuring Portugues rapper Slow J. Shortly after Avenal 2500, he released a single called “Till I Die” featuring A$AP TyY and NXSTY for his newest EP, Alameda 1000, through Insomniac Records. On August 9th, he released his second single for Alameda 1000 titled, “Through Me”.

Review of “Through Me”

The song begins with rhythmic synth drum beats and echo-like sounds making their introductions. They were later followed up with ascending bass drum beats and a voice that said, “Push it!”. Afterwards, an epic bass drop occurred and beautiful electronic jingles began to appear in the track.

Those jingles later produced a sound that can influence everyone to head-bang to their heart’s delight. The drum beats’ sounds are hypnotizing to follow through as they transitioned into a lead that allows listeners to anticipate more rhythm from the track. Finally, the climax contained a vibrant mix of bass, percussion, and short vocals that concluded in a mesmerizing silence.

What is Next for Holly?

According to Holly himself, “Through Me”, is one of his favorite songs so far. He stated that the song “goes off live because of the crazy switch-ups and sound design”. At the end of August, he will head to Seoul to perform at EDC Korea. On September 13th, The Alameda 1000 EP will be fully released. In conclusion, “Through Me” can be proof that Holly continues to amaze listeners with his unique style of blending drum-and bass with hip-hop and trap.

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