Hopsteady – Feel Me (feat. Elora Zamar) [OUT NOW]

Isaac Chavez and Jon Mahlum make up Hopsteady, a production duo based out of New Mexico. They have unleashed a brand new single, “Feel Me,” featuring Denver-based singer/songwriter Elora Zamar. “Feel Me” follows a successful string of releases in the form of future bass / trap remixes or original singles on labels like Wonderlust, Electrostep Network Records and now, Lowly Palace. They have also performed alongside the likes of Blvk Sheep, Kandy, and Dirty Audio. Their newest collaborator here, Elora Zamar, has been exploring the intersection between R&B and electronic music since 2015, and although most of her releases are on the quieter side of the spectrum (check out her soundcloud profile), she sounds at home with the larger sound of “Feel Me.”


The producers constructed “Feel Me” with a less brazen approach than their remixes, and it works well for the tone of the track. To support the vocal melody through the first half of the song, verse, the producers opted to harmonize Elora Zamar’s vocals with warm synth pads and plenty of reverb, steadily building volume and adding elements every step of the way. When they emerge, soft arpeggios decorate her vocals but don’t overpower it. This carefully constructed buildup brings us to a drop where Zamar steps aside and a strong, memorable synth lead takes over the melody line. The second half of the song continues pushing all its energy to its peak before it gently backs away and begins to strip layers of instrumentation away. Elora Zamar returns with the melody, and the ending is as calm as the beginning. The form of this track, a patient crescendo, climax, and cool down, allows each section to not feel rushed. There aren’t any abrupt nosedives or explosions in this production; Hopsteady go for a smoother overall composition, and it is very effective. At the three-minute mark, when “Feel Me” reaches its gentle conclusion, you’ll be left wanting more.

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Evan Dice

Evan is a lifelong musician, growing up in classical and world music, then rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop, a little bit of metal, and eventually, electronic music. After growing up abroad and travelling extensively, he returned to the United States for school and now lives in New York City. Evan is an active collaborator as a violinist and a producer, and is a fan of genre-blending (within reason). He can be found at home investigating the intersection between jazz and techno with a table full of samplers and synthesizers, or out in the city, reading on the train or supporting live Arts- particularly the experimental kind. Be it dance, theater or music, great people with brilliant minds are coming up with fantastic creative things to show every day, and this is inspiring.

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