House Sensation WNDR Releases New Single, “Don’t Belong”

Norwegian House sensation WNDR has released a brand-new summer anthem called, “Don’t Belong”. He returns after the success of “Everywhere You Are“. The track has a forceful melodic vocal that remains a key feature throughout. WNDR’s latest single offers the classic house feels, especially when the build-up leads to a bright piano-based groove that is guaranteed to excite the listeners.

To summarize, WNDR’s latest single is less focused on club atmospheres and more suited to radio, rooftop and BBQ vibes. The track proves WNDR’s impeccable ear for exceptional beats and melodies as the catchiness to ‘Don’t Belong’ is second to none. Currently working on his repertoire, WNDR is going through a journey of artistry and is flaunting his talents with every single one of his releases.

WNDR has an exceptional back catalogue of music from a platinum single with his debut track, ‘Medicine’, and a Shazam top-charting tune, ‘Meant To Be’.  Growing up surrounded by music, he began DJ’ing at the age of 10. In fact uses his appreciation for every genre to inspire and develop his productions. It is one of the reasons that sets him apart from the crowd. To conclude, ‘Don’t Belong’ is out now.

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