Icarus Premiers New Single “Love Has Come Around”

A Brand New EP from Icarus

In 2017, Icarus reached the biggest audience of their career to date when they released just three tracks.

Despite releasing those three tracks in 2017 – “King Kong“, “Trouble“, and “No Sleep” – Icarus made huge strides forward as they reached the biggest audience of their career to date. All three tracks were picked as Hottest Record in the World at Radio 1 by Annie Mac, Danny Howard and Phil Taggart respectively.

Also, “King Kong” also scored solid daytime play at Radio 1 too, and ultimately resulted in the Griffiths brothers hitting the station’s all-star dance event ‘Live At Café Mambo’ in Ibiza alongside the likes of David GuettaDisclosure, and Fatboy Slim.

But now they are shifting gear with the release of the new track “Love Has Come Around“. Icarus mixes the massive crossover pop hooks that made “King Kong” so memorable with the progressive elements and atmospherics of “No Sleep”. “Love Has Come Around” is a fusion between their most beautiful traits. The attention-grabbing vocal sample comes from Donald Byrd’s 1981 soul hit of the same name. The duo has repurposed it to become a strident piece of futuristic disco.

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