Icarus Release Best Their Best EP To Date: Unfold

Electronic duo Icarus have at last released their highly anticipated project UNFOLD through FFRR / Parlophone.

With nine tracks of cutting edge production, the two have put together a more than impressive body of work. From start to finish, the project takes the listener on a journey through sound and emotion. Beginning with the title track “Unfold”, this track offers seamless production and vocals from Tim Digby-Bell of Cubicolor. Also, other notable tracks include, the duo’s latest single “Fade Away”. This track features Icarus’ signature trance and house rhythms. Then, “Meet Me There”, is a more delicate and melodic track. It has vocals from London singer-songwriter Nathan Bell. And, the uptempo and euphoric-feeling “Joy”. Their most pop appealing song comes in at track seven with “Dreams of You”, featuring UK singer-songwriter Rae Morris. However, this is masterfully balanced with the sound of “Tomorrow” which is far more experimental.

The concept for this body of work revolves around transformation, growth and evolution of self,” Icarus previously explained. “We currently feel we’re at a juncture in our lives both personally and in a career sense. Over the last few years, people have entered and left our lives and we’ve both been through things that have made us grow significantly as people. 

“This is our biggest and most important project to date and we feel that it not only marks the closing of a period of time but signifies a fresh, new and exciting one. These songs represent how our lives, personalities and ever-changing selves UNFOLD.”

After shifting away from single releases in 2018, Icarus continues to grow with each new project they create. From their five-track EP In The Dark to last year’s “This Must Be The Place” receiving critical acclaim, UNFOLD is sure to propel them even higher. Already rising through the ranks of the UK dance charts, the two seek to build on their previous accomplishments. After signing to legendary English label FFRR, garnering more than 60 million streams and having seven Hottest Records on BBC Radio 1, UNFOLD is surely the next step in propelling Icarus’ rapidly growing career.

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