Icarus Drops Single “Flowers” Along With ‘In The Dark’ EP

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Icarus, Bristol-based DJ brothers Ian and Tom Griffiths, have released a new single as well as the complete ‘In The Dark’ EP. The single “Flowers” is the final song on the EP, a suitable place as the track effectively concludes a relationship alluded to throughout the project.

Their previously released single “Love Has Come Around” is a futuristic-disco tune that has a much more celebratory feel to it. The duo soundtracks the happier parts of a relationship. “Flowers” strikes a darker tone, not only in the production sense but also lyrically.

Ian Griffiths of Icarus speaks of the track:

“The lyrics are more direct, but there are very dark overtones to the music”

His brother Tom adds:

“It’s talking about situations early in a relationship. Maybe it’s not right, but you still want it to happen.”

Icarus keeps the production fresh with samples, never harping on a particular tempo or groove. The EP is as coherent and consistent as one could hope for. We fully expect there will be many more quality-projects to come from the immensely talented UK-production duo.

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