Icona Pop – “Girls, Girls”

Get ready for your new 2017 female power anthem! Icona Pop has returned on the scene with a brand new single and let’s just say “I Love It” (see what I did there). Icona Pop has released a few singles and EP over the last two years, and now they’re gearing up for their second American album (3rd overall). “Girls Girls“, their new single, is a bright fun pop-dance crossover.


Icona Pop vocals have always fascinated me. For the longest time, I would just listen to their vocals on tracks versus their live performances. They are both great singers, but they use their vocals in an extremely unique ways on their recorded songs. Their last two releases featured more straight forward vocals- but this track takes us back to classic Icona Pop.

We got their signature sound of sing, rap, screaming. I think that’s what I love most about their songs: you can sing at the top of your lungs to all of their tracks! Something just takes over my body and it makes me jump up and down, singing along to almost all of their tracks. They take catchy and make it even more catchy. This song is no different, it’s a light heart summer ready anthem.

The song was officially released on iTunes and along with a lyric video. The lyric video actually features pictures of fans. Icona Pop asked at the start of this month for all their fans to send in pictures through their website. The video features a mash up of all different kind of fans partying, having fun, and being with their friends. It’s cool to see all the different people who uploaded their images.

This song was made for summer and can definitely be played on the radio and the dance floor. I’m glad the girls have returned- I was waiting for them to give serve me some new catchy tunes. Enjoy!

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