Ilan Bluestone Releases Single “Let Me Know”

“Let Me Know”

London-born DJ Ilan Bluestone releases his single “Let Me Know” featuring Giuseppe De Luca as part of the highly-anticipated Scars album. Music best speaks for itself.  If you have not yet heard this track, have a listen below. It will reveal a tale of reassurance in track-time and sound space.

The intro is usually a matter of putting in a beat sequence to help DJs along when mixing at the decks. However, in Ilan Bluestone’s track, it is more about producing a significant impact through contrasting rhythmic sounds. The driving bassline that plays against a spacious pad makes for a vast soundscape.

Then, the kick drum comes in strong on top of the bassline, cutting through the mix of an airy pad and a prominent riser. The groove sets in early making for a momentous build-up of anticipation. You will experience a state of trance as soon as the track begins.

Just when the kick is strong enough, it endures with a harder blow at the drop which is on-beat and heavier than the intro. That hard kick is a real treat to the ears.

Ilan Bluestone


The vocals are a feature of Guiseppe De Luca. Out of all the lyrics, the three words of reassurance “Let Me Know” are the most significant. They perfectly suit the Trance-genre as they evoke the listener’s presence of mind and awareness. The vocals also further help the listener enter that state of trance.

Maybe it is not Giuseppe De Luca‘s words as much as the passion he expresses in the tone of voice. He sings as if to inspire a sense of feeling good. His vocals mesh well with the rhythm, reinforcing the groove from Bluestone.

Sound Design

The new track also sounds great at full volume. After all, music was meant to be loud. The overall loudness of the track improves as the sound design features musical interjections of silence between sections of the track. This creates a canvas for the noise-effect so well-known in Trance music. “Let Me Know” overwhelms the listener with welcomed sounds to the point where one can get lost in the music.

The captivating sound environment is more than just a chorus of sounds. Ilan Bluestone creates an atmosphere that listeners can actually feel. This is where one goes from listening to the track to concentrating on the physical and spiritual presence of the music.

High-Quality Mix

Ilan Bluestone’s mix of the track is clean as well. Listening at a high volume does not distort or deteriorate the sounds. There is no muddiness in the bassline, no piercing vowels in the vocals, nor slushiness from the airy pads; just clean Trance sounds. The English DJ’s talent proves that he can keep the mix sounding musical.

Even listening through ordinary headphones from a home PC makes for a tremendous listening experience. As much as the track holds together, it is bound to sound great in a larger venue. Where size matters, Trance is an experience of space. In a larger venue, listeners can expect a larger impact than with headphones.

Audiences Approve

As for the reactions since the release of “Let Me Know,” they are of approval. View the comments dotted along the Soundcloud waveform of the track below. They confirm another Trance-release well done!

Ilan Bluestone

Ilan Bluestone is steadily supplying popular Trance music. His upcoming debut album Scars is scheduled to release on Anjunabeats this April. The label is something of a Trance promoter as several of its artists are active within the genre.

Founders Above & Beyond, the Trance-trio of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki, have for over 14 years helped to kickstart the careers of Mat Zo, Arty, Andrew Bayer, Boom Jinx, Super 8 & Tab, Oliver Smith, Jaytech, Ilan Bluestone and many more. Since 2012, Anjunabeats has seen Ilan Bluestone emerge from London as a Trance-music talent.

Check out Ilan Bluestone’s upcoming tour dates.

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