Ilan Bluestone’s Debut Singles “Hong Kong” And “Steeder” Give Us a Trip to His Universe

London-based dance music producer Ilan Bluestone is at the top of his game. One can hear how Ilian Bluestone has tailored his craft with the sheer maturity of his production decisions. His work can best be described as a mash-up of techno and EDM, and gently sprinkled with some worldly electro-jazz.

Ilan Bluestone is like the tech-house version of Bonobo and his work is potentially genius. His album We Are The Universe is full of complex and colorful melodies and bursting with complex landscapes. The sound of his synths, samples, and solid four by four up-tempo are the manifestations of his creative mind and computer; whom together sound like the work of several people with a cohesive sound. Check out We Are The Universe on Soundcloud.

“Hong Kong”

Ilan Bluestone’s “Hong Kong” opens to a melodic Eastern influenced landscape. A landscape full of synth and digital strings with solid techno beat as the backbone. The beat stomps through the song like three hundred Spartans disciplined marching. The listener is pulled into Ilan Bluestone’s 34-year-old mind.

After a slow build up, one can almost feel his desire to take us to a place he has conjured. The crescendo of the track is intense enough to satisfy any basshead. Also keeping a peaceful melody throughout the track. Ride consistently in the wave of vibrating air coming from the sound system they are experiencing “Hong Kong.”

“Hong Kong” is so versatile in its sound, mood, and structure, that anyone with a taste for electronic music would put “Hong Kong” on their playlist. Whether it is to play while working out, at a small get together with friends, or dancing to one of Ilan Bluestone’s magnificent live sets.


We Are The Universe also contains another nugget of electronic perfection; the additional single “Steeder”. Many of the traits and descriptions about “Hong Kong” could also apply to “Steeder” is more intense and is shorter. Only clocking in at three minutes and fifty-two seconds Steeder is straightforward. The ambiance is subtle.

The synths swirl around and flow through the drums and bass. Suddenly, the track becomes calm, as if it has been dammed. However, Illan Bluestone has another trick up his sleeve. He then slowly builds to another crescendo, and the dynamic movement and tension in the fray replace the dreamy atmosphere he has put forth.

The resolution of the track is unique and shows that Ilan Bluestone is not afraid to take risks. He knows what world he wants to pull us into and when one plays a song by Ilan bluestone they are in his domain. All one needs is to reach out and focus their attention and let the sound of We Are The Universe pull you to a higher state of consciousness.

While many artists leave the names of their albums up to interpretation, the phrase is true.  The universe is made of molecules, as are we who listen to Ilan Bluestone’s music. For this reason, we are the universe observing it, and we are the universe observing and experiencing what Ilan Bluestone has put into existence. Check out Steeder on Spotify.

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