Illenium Continues to Excite Fans with “Ascend (Remixes)”

Illenium introduces fantastic remixes from his popular 2019 album "Ascend"

It has been nearly one week since Illenium dropped his new Ascend (Remixes) album and the excitement still echoes on every social site. The original album, Ascend, made waves in the music industry after including 17 songs on the tracklist which is extremely ambitious for any artist to attempt. Yet, Illenium broke his own record with 24 tracks on Ascend (Remixes)—also recognized for the collection’s musical diversity. One remix may be deep house while the next is 80’s rock; this legendary feat shot Illenium to the forefront of electronic music, thanks to his many featured artists. The diverse range of artists include Tiesto, Snakehips, Travis Barker from Blink 182, Midnight Kids, SLANDER, Alan Walker, and several rising musicians. 

The top tracks of Ascend (Remixes)

Fans took to social media to share the tracks they’re eager to hear before the album dropped. Three of the highly-anticipated songs, include “Good Things Fall Apart,” remixed by Slander; “Crashing,” remixed by Snakehips; and “In Your Arms,” remixed by Alan Walker. All tracks uphold the musical integrity of the original with the exception of Crashing (Snakehips Remix.) 

Snakehips’ remix of “Crashing,” was one of the most anticipated tracks on Ascend (Remixes). Netflix’s original film, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”, featured the original version of “Crashing” and it skyrocketed in the charts. The hit song tells a love story that’s accompanied by understated guitar chords. The original track had a stronger emotional draw since the instrumentals did not overpower the vocals, unlike Snakehips’ remix. 

However, Blunts & Blondes hit the remix of “That’s Why” (with GOLDN) right out of the park. This rising star entered the music industry in 2017 and grabbed the dubstep genre by the horns. Blunts & Blondes notoriously brings the heat to all live shows—festivals, clubs, or intimate gatherings. Fans love his ability to create music that no one has heard before. Furthermore, his music is best described as a harmonious blend of hip-hop, bass music, and even Rastafarian sounds. In fact, his collaboration with Illenium have incorporated these sounds.

Illenium’s monthly listeners on Spotify

One thing is for sure, Illenium has nearly 14,300,000 monthly listeners who are itching to hear more, importantly from Ascend (Remixes). Until the next album drops, fans can engage with Illenium in the social platforms listed below.

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