ILLENIUM- “Ashes to Ashes Mix 003”

Currently residing in Denver Colorado the melodic bass producer ILLENIUM has had an incredible year. With the release of his album “Ashes” in 2016 he quickly became one of the top acts to see everywhere! Recently he came out with his third installment of his “Ashes to Ashes” mix. With the incorporation of smooth melodies and heavy drops, this mix is surely one you’ll be partying to all summer.

The way ILLENIUM mixes these songs is purely genius. One second you’ll be ‘vibing’ out to melodic melodies then he’ll hit you with a heavy bass drop to get you up and dancing all night long. He even added in two unreleased songs. The first is “Illenium – Crawl Outta Love (ft. Annika Wells)“, where the soothing vocals alone will have you crawling back for more while the build up and drop will have you completely addicted! The other unreleased track “Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure (Illenium Remix)” is a classic hit he brought his upbeat style to. This track will make you feel nostalgic and you will want to leave this beat on repeat.

This captivating mix can only leave us wanting more, which is what were getting. ILLENIUM is said to be releasing his next album sometime this summer along with a fall tour which from what he’s been producing will be nothing short of incredible. the unreleased song “Crawl Outta Love” will be on the album and is a great indicator to how the rest will turn out.

There’s one thing for certain and it’s that this producer is on a straight shot to the top of the industry. If his next album is anything like “Ashes” I have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing ILLENIUM as a major headliner next festival season. If you’re not already following him, I highly recommend following all of his social media below for all his latest releases, updates, and tour dates.


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