$ilv@ Drops His Newest Hit “$ynchroniz3”

New Yorker DJ and Producer $ilv@ is back with a brand new single titled “$ynchroniz3”. With an industrial feel from the very first beat, the hi-hat flickers as the pace ramps up and the track is then filled with electronic, robotic arpeggios. $ilv@ is known for his creativity and passion and there is definitely an iconic uniqueness coursing through the heart of the song.

“$ynchroniz3” has an exceptionally futuristic feel to it and once the big bassy drop kicks in, the track turns into pure chaos and truly shows $ilv@’s understanding of the dancefloor. $ilv@ strives for originality in every one of his productions so you never know what you are going to expect with each release which is one of the factors that makes him so exciting as an artist.

$ilv@ began pursuing his music career whilst at college and once the momentum built up, $ilv@ found himself playing at some of the biggest clubs and parties around Long Island and New York City. His music and stylings haven’t gone unnoticed as he has generated an incredible 200,000 monthly Spotify listeners and is currently working on new music as we speak.

A little info about $ilv@

The DJ’s artist name is $ilv@ but “Silva” is the correct pronunciation. He first got his name while attending the University of Buffalo in 2010. The name “$ilv@” was his pledge name in his old fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. The city of Buffalo is also where his DJ career took off. $ilv@ was a DJ at many college parties and college bars during his university years.

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To conclude this review, “$ynchroniz3” is currently released on the record label that $ilv@ owns, $ilv@ $hock3R. People can also follow the DJ on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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