Indecent Noise – “Dolores” (Original Mix) [Mental Asylum]

Aleksander Stawierej, better known as Indecent Noise, has spent a great deal of his career putting tech trance on the forefront of the genre. When he isn’t running his massive label Mental Asylum, he’s putting out tech trance bangers like the Indecent Noise Dolores (Original Mix).

“Dolores” is not your run-of-the-mill, happy-go-lucky EDM track. It’s a nuclear bomb. The track samples dialogue from the HBO series Westworld. In the series, “Delores” is an android in a futuristic world contemplating the meaning of her existence. The sampled monologue illustrates a great cynicism of the world she lives in and the state of her own sanity as she begins to question her own false existence. This translates well into the track as the production itself sounds like an android rebelling against the society that created it. This is widely reflected in the massive synth stabs heard in the drop.

The tuned keys that serve as the melody give a very ominous, yet exciting tinge to the track. The melody’s synthesized sounds belong in a 1980’s horror movie, particularly in a scene where a main character gets a knife in their back. As the breakdown reaches its climax, a silence leaves the listener with a breather before it hits them. Once there, a bouncing deep bass is provided to keep the crowd dancing their fears away.

The track fits Mental Asylum’s catalog for being a post-apocalyptic banger of a track. The eerie synths and modulated vox-work perfectly account for a dark set for a closing DJ who needs to scare away the after hours crowd. A DJ can choose how they’d like to slay the crowd, and “Delores” is a weapon that’ll get the job done.

If you would like to support the track, you may purchase it here. Indecent Noise will be touring during the summer, as well as making a stop in Orlando for the Married To The Rave festival. Indecent Noise also keeps up with a weekly radio show, Mental Asylum Radio, where you can keep up to date with everything going on with the label, as well as other tracks he is feeling. You can listen to the latest episode below, as well as check links to his media.




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