Jaenga – “Hello” [PREMIERE]

In Case You Haven’t Heard

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Jaenga, you may recall him and his bus as the official Renegade Stage for Camp Bisco 2017. Jaenga has been touring the country and playing music. All the while using his bus as a stage, and having a place to be around his close friends and fans. His style and personality in and out of music really brings people together from all types of genres and backgrounds. Which is exactly what he puts into his music. That being said without further a due, he has released his first track of his new EP titled “Hello”.

The Track

Jaenga’s name really speaks volumes when it comes to who he is as a producer. Most artists are genre specific to anything they make. While Jaenga keeps his music always changing. In “Hello”, he starts the song off with an intro that really grabs our attention. An electronic sound that really sucks you into the track to get ready for the first drop. After the buildup we hear “Jaenga… Hello”, then we’re blasted with a filthy dubstep drop that lasts just as long as the intro if not longer. This track is really for anyone trying to dance and have a great time. After his first drop, we’re taken back to something similar of the intro, but we all know the second drops always the crazy one. With more intense electronic and dubstep lines it really pumps us up. We’re then taken out by a bass line that relaxes us from the wild that just ensued.

~Stream Hello by Jaenga here~

More to Come

Our first look into a long awaited EP is more than what we could’ve imagined. Jaenga plans on releasing a video for “Hello” within a month. Along the winter months to come he is going to be releasing track after track. Did we mention he shoots film? That’s right, all his tracks will have videos following the release of the music. Jaenga is really setting the tone for what he says is going to be one heck of a summer tour. Bringing the bus, his new music, and all of you along the way. So get ready everyone, this is only the beginning.

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