Check Out The Brand New Dance Alarm EP by Jaksan

Tech House rising star, Jaksan, is back. This time he brings a huge EP called Dance Alarm. The title track “Dance Alarm” has an infectious beat from the get-go. Also, the deep repetitive vocal chant of the phrase “wake up” grips you. Then the melody comes in as a clever adaptation of an alarm. There is a very robotic feel to this production. And, of course, the track features lots of Jaksan’s signature sound effects.

The second production on this EP is called “Lit and Dirty” and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Which a much choppier rhythm, “Lit and Dirty” has a groove that is completely unshakable. The musicality in this switches up constantly through different types of synth, percussion, samples and sound effects which makes this a really exciting song to listen to.

Lastly is Cody Nu Skool’s remix of “Dance Alarm”, leaning slightly more on the Techno side, this is a much deeper and darker version with an insane drop. Cody Nu Skool has managed to transform this tune and keeping the essence of Jaksan in the music.

Jaksan had rapidly become a name to look out for in both the Los Angeles and Las Vegas scenes and now, across the globe. Jaksan’s sound is distinct and can be instantly recognised by its originality, groove focused basslines and wild sound effects. Some of his releases include tracks such as “Effort”, “Blowout”, and more recently “LaLaLa” released on the legendary Dirtybird Records.

Dance Alarm is out on the July 16, 2019 on OFDM Records. Purchase here.

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