Jaksan Release Single “Love Is The Answer” Is Out Now on Spanky Sounds

In celebration of Gay Pride month, Jaksan has created a stunning tech house track to spread the love

Jaksan is a seriously exciting artist who is shaking up the tech-house scene at the moment. For example, his latest release “Love Is The Answer” proves it. The track starts off with a naughty bass line that grips your soul. Then the beat kicks in and a catchy rhyme is heard. The lyrics spoken over the top of the music express love: “love is the answer, love is the key“.

The build-up of the track mimics a rhythm similar to a heartbeat that syncs you to the music and gets your body moving. Adding short, dramatic synth snippets towards the latter part of “Love Is The Answer” adds a touch of darkness that keeps it fresh and interesting. Jaksan’s artwork for this track is a rainbow and as it is the month of gay pride, “Love Is The Answer” is the perfect song to share the love.

Jaksan has rapidly become a rising name in both the Los Angeles and Las Vegas scenes. Also, Jaksan’s sound is distinct and can be instantly recognised by its originality, groove-focused bass lines and wild sound effects. Some of his releases include tracks such as “Effort”, “Blowout”, and more recently “LaLaLa” originally a Birdfeed exclusive but by popular demand has made it on to Claude Von Stroke‘s Dirtybird Miami 2019 compilation.

Furthermore, “Love Is The Answer” is out on June 16, 2019 on Jaksan’s own label Spanky Sounds. Purchase here.

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