Jane XO releases “Let Me Down Easy” ft LöKii, anonymously again (Review)

Jane XO is another artist that remains anonymous while releasing music. She busted onto the scene with a blank SoundCloud page with no followers and has grown that into over 22 thousand on SoundCloud. More impressively, she has amassed more than 70 million streams on Spotify between her hit songs “Lies”, “Touching You Again”, and “Love Me”. Her newest release, “Let Me Down Easy,” is another catchy pop/dance blended track with. Lyrics round out the track and lead into catchy drops.

You can listen to the song below:


Jane XO adds a story into the song which goes along with her identity. Being able to be straightforward with somebody and, and the title says, let somebody down easy. Jane XO has kept her anonymity to be able to give send a message like this through her music. She wants to be able to say the things that she might not be able to without that veil, so her secrecy plays into every song that she releases.

“Being able to express myself musically without limits, no worries of judgment, no worries of success or failure is why I remain behind the wall of anonymity. I hope you enjoy the first part of my story. is the message shared by Jane XØ on her SoundCloud Profile. “Let Me Down Easy,’ features several mixed in instruments, including a distinctive snare leading into the electro house influenced drop. The song is a good mix of her ability to mix quality production along with lyrics that tell a story and carry real meaning.

Jane XO Let Me Down Easy

Jane XO doesn’t tour, but you can listen to all of her music on several different platforms:



Her Personal Site


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