Janet Jackson – “No Sleeep” (EASYFUN Remix)

I was a fan of Janet Jackson‘s 2015 album “Unbreakable”. I’m also a fan of producer EASYFUN, so when I woke up and saw them both mixed together, I almost fell off my chair.  Recently, EASYFUN has worked with Charli XCX on her latest mixtape, and he now returns to the scene with a fresh remix of a song that’s easily one of Janet’s best. “No Sleeep” is a mid-tempo but it sounds like classic Janet and for that alone, I’m with it. With this remix, on the other hand, you might not be able to tell its actually Janet’s vocals but it still has the same touch and the lyrics work with the beat as well.

The song fits perfectly next to the other works of EASYFUN, keeping its charm and uniqueness throughout the whole song, filled with its synths, squeaks and hand claps. You never really know where this song is going to take you, in fact, you even think it’s over for a second and then all of a sudden a huge beat breaks through the sky and lights up the song to its full glory. The last minute might be the best part of the song, but the only reason why its so effective is because of the two minutes before it. It’s a song that deserves a full play cause it’s a wild ride! Check out this super creative remix!

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