Jantsen tops off ‘Post Human’ EP with fourth single, “BadBoy Sound”

Jantsen releases ‘Post Human’ EP – Out now on Kairos Audio

Over the course of four months, DJ/Producer Jantsen from Boulder, Colorado has released four tracks to round out his new, ‘Post Human‘ EP.  His latest release, “Badboy Sound”, debuted last week. Out now on Kairos Audio, fans can purchase the tracks here, or stream below.

Along with well-known originals like,”When the Beats Drop”, Jantsen earns his reputation having co-produced some of Bassnectar’s heaviest tracks including, “Blast Off”, “What”, “Red Step”, and their latest collaboration “Every Time”.

jantsen releases 'post human' EP
Jantsen releases ‘Post Human’ EP.

‘Post Human’ EP Tracklist:

BadBoy Sound

The most recent single, “BadBoy Sound” comes in with explosive bass and Jamaican lyrical influences. Implosive and then, explosive. This track will certainly make the woofers shake. Onyronaut added some kaleidoscope-like visuals to accompany the song’s release.


The second track of the EP, “Afterglow” received a proper music video featuring Shane Kesneck and Glasshead. “Afterglow” veers away from the heavy, unforgiving bass found throughout the rest of this EP, but still retains a fun and energizing element of surprise. It’s passionate in mood while displaying confidence in sound. The beat bounces along with trap-worthy synths to a chorus, “Got to be with you!”

Kesneck, who stars in the music video says the following:

“My first ever concept video and I got to collab with an amazing music producer that goes by the name of Jantsen! I’m completely overwhelmed with all of the emotions! Huge thank you to Jantsen for allowing me the creative freedom and trust with your brand new song! It is an honor to work alongside a producer I’ve been following for years! The homies at Glasshead Productions straight up killed the shooting and editing of this video.”

Kaiju’s Theme

This track reached the #3 spot on Beatport’s Dubstep Top 100 soon after it’s release in October, and it’s no surprise. This song slaps! “Kaiju’s Theme” begins with a recognizable sample that a lot of EDM fans would relate to the famed 1999 classic Hip Hop track, “Simon Says” by Pharoahe Monch. “That sample is originally sourced from Godzilla movies in the 1950’s, hence why I called it “Kaiju’s Theme”, Jantsen says. Kaiju means “strange beast” in Japanese and this song certainly lives up to its name. The drop churns with brutal mentality as the lyrics, “Are you ready for the ruff neck? Are you ready for the bass line!” seems to act as a reminder to listeners that this track is a ferocious sub-shaker.


Thick lyrics in a Jamaican accent kick off “Menace”, while the beat celebrates the origins of Dubstep by intertwining a heavy Dancehall influence. The rhythms and rhymes build until almost alarm-like synths take over. Growls start to fill in the rest of the sound, both human and machine. Jantsen then has some fun chopping and cutting the lyrics in a certainly, “menacing” manner.

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Grab some good headphones, or crank up the sound system to give this one a run-through. Jantsen doesn’t release a ton of music often, but his ‘Post Human’ EP will certainly satisfy listeners and hold it’s own for some time to come.

Jantsen has a handful of shows listed for the rest of 2017 and early 2018. Fans can purchase tickets here.

Tour Dates

Dec. 23 – The Forge – Juliet, IL

Jan. 5 – Baltimore Soundstage – Baltimore, MD

Feb. 7 – Cervantes’ Other Side – Denver, CO

Check out more releases on OneEDM here.

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