Jason Yan “Losing Myself” Collaboration with Aiden and SAMURAI

There is no moment more exciting than when young, up and coming artists join forces to create fresh music because it has all the more potential to become unstoppable. This is certainly the case for Jason Yan, Aiden and SAMURAI as they release their brand new track “Losing Myself”.

Track review: Jason Yan “Losing Myself”

Starting off with a modern, chilled out, electronica vibe, bright melodies tiptoe across the beat. This introduces us to wispy and inviting vocals hooks. “Losing Myself” swells into an epic synth-led drop with a half-time beat that compliments the build-up.

The musicality re-invents itself every eight bars offering an alternate drop each time. Plus, it provides you with a taste of a multitude of genres. The way this production has been put together is totally innovative and completely flawless, it brings to light the raw talent and complexity of the skills these boys have.

About Jason Yan

Jason Yan is arguably the hottest rising star in China since 2017, having re-located to LA, the 22-year-old DJ and producer has a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt along with several top releases such as “Clout Overdose”.

Jason Yan art

Jason Yan’s collaboration with newcomer Aiden and artist SAMURAI has been a breath of fresh air and we can only hope that more music is on its way from this incredible trio sometime soon.

Lose yourself in “Losing Myself” and grab a copy here:

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