Jeremy Siegel releases “No More” ft vocals from Madeleine Mayi

Jeremy Siegel releases “No More” ft vocals from Madeleine Mayi

Jeremy Siegel is a producer lives in Los Angeles, California and “No More” marks the most recent in a string of releases he has put out in the last year.  Siegel has put out songs with a more electro and house vibe, but this song crosses more into the pop genre. Where his beats and work with the production, provide a nice base for Madeleine Mayi‘s vocals. Jeremy Siegel has been sharing music through his personal social media and sound cloud.  “No More” will be his first track released on Spotify and Apple Music.

You can listen to “No More” below:

For all of his previous releases, the music was without vocals, so this song is differentiated from his previous work. The piano is one of the most vibrant instrumental samples that Jeremy Siegel uses throughout the song. A heavy synth presence accompanies that and some horn and funk influenced sounds. It has a very loungy, slower paced feeling.

The Meaning of “No More”

The lyrics tell a story about getting over an old romance. She is tired of his predictable act and doesn’t want to hear the same exact stories and excuses that she could so easily see coming.The song talks about moving forward in life and taking the cards you are dealt and deciding to get yourself a better hand.

It has a clear synergy with the music that Jeremy Siegel has released over the last year. Going from making strictly electronic, tech-inspired tracks, to be able to produce a layered, lyric accompanied song with some really musical qualities. This song caps off what was an exciting, and release filled year from Jeremy Siegel, so we can expect more catchy tunes from him soon.

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