JonJo Drake’s New Techno Stormers ‘Hypnosis’ and ‘Parallel’

DJ and Producer JonJo Drake’s rise to prominence in the Techno music industry has been nothing short of excellent since the start of his career. His career jumpstarted after witnessing figureheads in the industry like Carl Cox and Adam Beyer dominate the UK festival scene. JonJo took inspiration from elements of these talented artists to make a vibe of his own. This vibe features dark and driving percussion combined with intoxicating synth lines that exude a modern, industrialised flair that sets him apart from the crowd. JonJo Drake is showing off off his sound design skills with his new high-energy Techno anthems, “Hypnosis” and “Parallel”. He is eager to showcase his signature sound and talent whilst showcasing his knack for diversity in the industry.

Jonjo Drake will turn up the heat with these tracks

JonJo Drake kicks off the release with “Hypnosis”. The thudding kick drum sets the pace before the rubbery and dark FX shortly ensure. Shortly, we are thrown into that iconic entrancing state JonJo encapsulates throughout his music. Ominous low cuts of sound fill the speakers, giving that eerie vibe before the bass gives way for a breath of fresh air and flurries of electrifying robotic sounds fill the soundscape. The soundscape then wraps around the harrowing incorporation of the dark and robotic vocals. The tension then rises and we are basked with the powerhouse drop’s release as the kick drum returns into action. Afterwards, the fleeting sounds floating around the perimeter of the production pull through to unleash the full fury of the track.

Next up is “Parallel”, which keeps the pace with an ominous and foreboding theme. As the reverbed dark sounds fall in line with the smacking kick drum that drives the track forward to deliver that hard-hitting Techno essence craved by lovers of that grungy, hypnotic sound. JonJo pulls in grizzly industrial snares teamed with sounds emulating that of a robot over the kick drum. Droning beeps and clanking metal also give the track that raw industrial vibe. Before you know it, the production is stripped back to its core as the snares roll out, revealing a mix-up of fleeting dark sounds that fade in and out as the tension rises and a barrage of snares build-up to a melting point before those rhythmic pulsing sounds fade into the abyss, overruled by the kick drum for the release of the huge bass bound to send any dancefloor into a frenzy.

Listen to “Hypnosis” and “Parallel” here:

JonJo Drake has once again displayed his talent for the art of music production with this new drop, you can hear his signature sound seeping through the cracks of each release which breathes an essence of life and character into each song, giving it that edge and overall infectious vibe that sets him apart from the rest. In fact, you can listen to JonJo Drake’s “Hypnosis” and “Parallel” down below to embrace his love for music production.

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