Joyzu – “Looking For You” ft. Karra

   Up and coming duo Joyzu has recently come out with a track that will definitely be your song for the summer. The pair has linked up with a new artist, Karra, for their song “Looking For You”, whose vocals add a new dimension to the song. Joyzu is made up of Quinton Pope and Carson Williams, two rising DJs that also happen to also be best friends.
The duo was signed to Armada Music Record Label in 2016, meaning more music is yet to come. The song starts with Karra’s vocals, something similar to  Marina and the Diamonds. In the middle, the bass drop transitions back into the original beat. Her voice simply makes the song whole. This track makes you feel invincible, especially if you have the one person that you care for.

Joyzu may be new to EDM, but they sound very mature. If you listen to one song of theirs, you will certainly be a fan. Thankfully, Joyzu is on tour as we speak, so more people can fall in love with their eclectic music.

The first song I ever heard of Joyzu’s was “Hear You Say” feat. Olivia Reid. Once I heard the song I was hooked on the duo instantly, and you will be too. Check out their Soundcloud here.


Kayla Myers
the authorKayla Myers
my name is Kayla Myers, and I am a writer for I am 17 and I live in Chester, NY. My passion for writing has come from myself, and I have received a reward from my school for creative writing. I love reading and researching things whether for school or for things that I am interested in. My top five EDM artists are Flume, Major Lazer, Odesza, Dillon Francis and Bassnectar. One of my goals for this summer is to go to concerts, whether they are by renowned artists or people just starting out.
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