Jude and Frank’s “Sun is Shining” Re-work

“Sun is Shining”, a Bob Marley re-work by Jude & Frank is becoming a favorite among their fans. The duo is known for their re-works, which add a house twist to the classics. In the new single, Jude & Frank deliver a tasteful dance approach to the Reggae phenomenon, Bob Marley. Although EDM and Reggae seem to be genres that would be a feat to combine, the artists make gentle transitions between Marley’s lyrics and their unique style.

Jude & Frank’s “Sun is Shining” Re-work

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The addition of the guitar line makes for an excellent buffer between the two genres, allowing the lyrics to mesh with the quick tempo of house music. Furthermore, Marley’s lyrics along with the house beats make for a song many will find the urge to dance to this track.

The attempt to merge Reggae and EDM is a fairly new trend, and Jude & Frank are not the first to be successful. Ganja White Night is also famous for this combination, however they gravitate towards mixing Reggae with Hardstyle, as opposed to house.

About Jude & Frank

The pair, originally from Rome, are quickly climbing the ladder of House Music and are becoming established in the world of production. Jude & Frank recently launched “The Groovebox Radio Show” in November, which is their mix series. With their unique take on music, it does not seem that their momentum will slow down any time soon.

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