Pump Up the Club: Julian Jordan and Olly James Release Single “Bounce That”

“Bounce That”

The Big Room style banger, “Bounce That”, is a short burst of energy to take the party to the highest level. Bass heavy, lovable wubs, and a break take listeners on a journey through jam worthy drops. There’s a rich texture to the instruments in “Bounce That”, noise-free, and utter ear candy. Have a listen to the work of Julian Jordan and  Olly James in their release “Bounce That” on the GOLDKID Records label below.

Track Review

Bounce that…you can fill in the rest of that sentence. This track is produced for those who really want to dance. As such, you may need to take a breath before that second drop comes in but do not wait too long. This short three-minute track means “Bounce That” comes and goes quick. DJs may want to mix this track strategically to keep the dance alive a little longer.

Sound Design

Wubs, melodic keys, and a shuffling instrument that can only be compared to an electronic hiccup makes this track stand out. Complicated rhythms inspire a crazy-good vibe.


Nothing short of professional quality. Difficult bass noises like wubs in a chorus of mid-range dependent instruments such as the aforementioned hiccup sound make for a crowded mix that requires a special ear to get the chorus coming in clean. Olly James and Julian Jordan pull it off quite well. So well that it leaves a craving for wanting more.


As a proper party track like “Bounce That” it is happy and sexy considering the suggestive lyrics. Furthermore, it evokes that need to move, to dance, which is stimulating and overtaking. This track will inspire an overall positive reaction. Go on and vibe to this track.

Audience Reactions

All Positive Reviews. For a stellar track, there is nothing left to say. Although the emojis offer up an indication that the drops are lovely. Here’s the general response from posts to the official YouTube video of “Bounce That”.

About the Artists

Olly James

OliverJames Purvis, known as Olly James, is a 24-year-old DJ/producer from Newcastle, England. Much of his early releases, between 2013-2015, put him into the spotlight on Hardwell‘s record label, Revealed Recordings. A remix of the legendary ‘’Ecuador’’ by Sash  released by Spinnin’ Records earned him the ears of the Global EDM audience. The studio is his stomping ground for releases that are great and topping the Beatport  Top 10 chart with two releases entitled “Code” and “Aruna”. Not only does he release his studio creations, he also teaches studio music production as with this year’s Dancefair, recorded and viewable below for aspiring music producers.

Julian Jordan

This Dutch DJ and producer is no doubt a talent. The music promoters such as MTV say he is “one to watch”. and there is more where that came from for the record. Heavily touring Europe and around the globe, this artist has seen the stage at clubs such as Bootshaus and mega festivals such as Ultra Music Festival Miami.

Connect with the Artists

Olly James

Julian Jordan

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