Just a Gent Releases ‘http://EP’ – Interactive Album

Just a Gent releases http://EP, a suburb out-of-this-world EP. The collection of sixds tracks paints a story of humanoids, who return home to find their world is destroyed, due to the fall of the internet. These five survivors and their leader “The Gent” must work together to rebuild the internet and restore their home to its former glory. Just a Gent collaborated with several talented artists, featuring two new tracks “Drowning” and “Injustice“.  Check it out below.

Interactive Website

The EP has the added bonus of an interactive website where fans can dive into the character’s bios through a retro version of a Windows 98 computer.  A classic version of Myspace or as they call it “Ourspace”, shows the characters picture, friends, and interests. You can explore the desktop and click on different buttons. They even have the old start button where fans can navigate to “My Computer” then  “Documents” to find the song lyrics for each track. This type of production value is very unique and certainly adds depth to the album’s interpretation.

EP Breakdown of Tracks

The opening track “Drowning,” features the magical mind of Brisbane producer Yvng Jalapeno. This track has a very ominous feel with its varying bpm, glitchy trap drops, and lovely flute melody. Fans will really enjoy Gent’s use of instruments, plus the track’s vocals are beautiful. “Injustice,” the other new track featured on the EP, has some stunning vocals from Dia Lone. This song is quite different from his other tracks as the BPM doesn’t change as rapidly and it contains more grungy bass drops. There is a strong bass line urges movement but it softens into a piano melody that melts the eardrums. The vocal chorus indicates the song is about the struggle in finding love. Overall the track is stunning from start to finish.

The EP also features previous crowd favorites like “Hold” featuring Thief, “VIBE” featuring T.Soko, “Space Odyssey” featuring Thandi Phoenix and “404“.  Each song incorporates different instrumental elements, giving each track a unique twist. It’s a beautiful collaboration between artists and Just a Gent used quite a lot of creative juice to create this amazing album.

Island Records Australia

Just a Gent Biography

Jacob Grant is a 20-year-old music producer out of Newcastle, Australia. He began producing at just 16 years old and already, he was getting replays by talented DJs like Dillon Francis, Kill Paris, and Flume. At 17 years old, Just a Gent was named one of the winners of Australia’s famous “Listen Out” Competition. Now, he is continuing to strive in the music production industry, with concerts lined up for 2019. He is known for a unique style of sound which combines the high energy of progressive house with the laid back trap kick. This type of music soon fed into the creation of the sub-genre called “Love Trap“. Jacob was one of the pioneers of this new sub-genre and he continues to let progression and trap kicks be his inspiration when creating a new track. Just a Gent’s music has since gone on to rack up over 68 million plays on Spotify alone. He has begun touring, playing at some of the major international festivals including Splash House and Beyond Wonderland. He will also be joining Han Solo on his tour for FOMO 2019 in Australia.

For more of this style of music, check out “Just a Gent” on Spotify.

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