Just A Gent x smle – Leave It All (feat. Calica)

Not every song has to be a banger to be satisfying. EDM has come a long way from being just party music thanks to musicians like Flume, Porter Robinson, and Bonobo.  If the mood calls for something a bit more classy, it’s ok to trade in the usual massive kick drums and robotic drops for a more smooth sound. Artists like SMLE embrace this side of the musical spectrum.

When SMLE was asked what their motivation for making music of this nature is, they responded:

“We’ve always been for musicality and progression given our jazz background, so we like bringing outside influences into what we do such as R&B, funk, hip hop or even more folky stuff.”

In that spirit, the new collaboration “Leave It All” between Just a Gent and SMLE quickly fills the room with a warm sound consisting of beautiful vocals, interesting rhythms, and soothing melody. As the song progresses, it starts to feel like the percussion and musical notes are having an intimate conversation, which grows to be exciting. It’s not hard to imagine this song becoming part of someone’s perfect moment, whether at an event or out on an adventure.


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