Justin Caruso Remixes “All The Small Things”

Justin Caruso is a LA based producer with a fresh sound, a passion for music, and a well deserved growing hype. He has received recognition from a variety of pop and EDM names including the chart topping crossover acts The Chainsmokers. Caruso, who is a USC Thornton music student, already has a collaboration and tour with 3LAU under his belt. His newly released “All the Small Things” remix is out now on Soundcloud available for streaming and download today.

Caruso’s remix of the Blink 182 classic is spacey and upbeat with enough elements of the original carried through. The lyrics are well utilized throughout the song keeping the feeling of the original fully alive. It ends up being more of a fun pop punk meets EDM crossover remake than a conceptual interpretation, but it definitely works. Not everything has to be complicated, shocking, or avant garde. Blink 182 never has been like that, so it is fitting for Caruso to take this approach. The juxtaposition of genres between house and punk pop works so well here because there are similar elements in each genre. The freshness and youth Blink 182 embodies is reflected in Caruso’s upbeat remix. The simple fun breakdown is used in the same way a catchy hook might be added to a punk pop hit.

The approach Justin Caruso takes on this remix allows the track to take on a funky and heartfelt personality. The original has a simplicity that translates well into this version and Caruso gently transforms it into a charming and summery hit. The vocal is slowed down a little on the verses with a patience that causes the lyrics to take on a new meaning.Travis Barker’s drums work perfectly to enhance the build and energy of the track.

This is the kind of remix that will stand out to long time Blink 182 fans because it maintains so much of the original’s integrity. At the same time, it has a personality on its own that could attract a brand new generation of fans. The song is not switched up a ton, and so is really not a banger on its own, but it will fit perfectly into festival sets and summer playlists. Throwback hype never goes out of style and Justin Caruso shows us that he really knows this on his lively new remix of “All the Small Things.” Check it out today and let us know what YOU think.

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