Justin Martin’s long-awaited ‘Set It Off’ remix has finally arrived

“Set It Off” is one of the most sampled songs of all time, according to Billboard.  However, the iconic 808 track’s sampling privileges until now have normally been reserved for A-list pop stars like Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, Lil Jon, and more. That’s all changed now with the long-awaited release of Justin Martin’s re-work of the tune, making the DIRTYBIRD player the first-ever dance artist to not only clear the rights to the song, but also to be granted the title of its official remixer.

The Set It Off Remixes EP comes with two tracks, and both are definitely home runs. Although fashioned from the same song, the feel of each is different as Martin shows what variety he’s capable of bringing to the table. The first remix incorporates a classic breaks canvas with fat synths and a forward moving quality. Strafe’s voice highlights perfectly in this one with a perfect incorporation of the main hook.

Martin’s “Party Starter Remix” is more of a downtempo industrial-house vibe with a lot more simplicity in the choice of sounds. The lengthy builds make you ready for the drop as soon as it hits. The mood is sure to have you moving. Justin Martin has really shown his ability to master both tech and industrial house with his mix up of noises in both structures. These are a couple remixes you definitely want to add in your playlist. Check them out by downloading here or listening below!

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