Kai Wachi – “Die Young” EP [Kannibalen]

Kai Wachi is making waves again with his recent release.

Out now on Kannibalen Records, Die Young is an EP that shows off his style and pushes his boundaries as an artist.

Kai Wachi continues to dominate 2017 with this ground-breaking project. This EP comes in the wake of his first summer festival run. Complete with five songs, Die Young takes things to the next level, even by Kai Wachi standards.

Die Young has five new tracks. The EP begins low and mellow sounding, but “GTFU” has a clean and hard-hitting drop. “GTFU” is an easy acronym to understand- “Get the f*ck up”, and listeners will surely want to. The drop is a hard shift to a new direction that takes cut time to another level. Melodic synth sounds dance along the gritty bass line as the track continues.

“GTFU” flows seamlessly into the next track on the EP, “Cutthroats”. Liquid-like in the introduction, we are quickly introduced to the build that we know and anticipate. As listeners are taken through the intro, we hear ticking sounds on a synth, then faster and faster until the screech of the bass sneaks in. Then the peak sends us over the edge and into the pit. Listeners will enjoy the transitions in this track. Kai Wachi’s signature style comes forward absolutely here. He proves that he has come to play in the bass arena.

“LUVSICK”, released as a single, blends hip-hop elements with Kai Wachi’s style. Ylti supplies lyrics and brings the trap style into the light. The lyrics add a house party feel, while the bassline adds a live show feel. This will be a song proudly sang out loud at most of Kai Wachi’s shows for sure.

“Kismet”, possibly the heaviest track on this EP, follows “LUVSICK”. This track begins dark and mysterious, then bursts into a head-banging drop. The words “It’s my f*ckin’ time” prepares listeners for what they are about to get hit with. Glitchy and hard, “Kismet” sets the stage for a party atmosphere.

“No Games” is the final and bonus track on Die Young. The track boasts low sounding lyrics and is a liquid DnB track. “No Games” is smooth with siren-like sounds that elevate the track and make it heavier. Glitch style sneaks up at the end of the track with the DnB bass line still intact.

Blending a number of genres, Kai Wachi’s release is a display of how far the young producer has come. Not to take away from his previous releases, but there’s something even more mature, refined, and complex about his production in this collection that makes it stand out above the rest.

Kai Wachi is currently on tour with Black Tiger Sex Machine for their Midnight Terror Tour.

Black Tiger Sex Machine are the creators of Kannibalen Records. You can see Kai Wachi on most of their tour dates. Check out his schedule of shows here. Tickets are now on sale for most Midnight Terror dates. You can download or stream Die Young on a variety of streaming platforms here.


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