Katiahshe and Jacob Colon – “Don’t Stop”

U.S.-based DJ/Producer Jacob Colon is going from strength to strength. After a big 2020 showing the world his blend of Latin American sounds with House music, Jacob Colon is back in 2021 to release “Don’t Stop” featuring Katiahshe.

This release is just the latest showcase of Colon’s talents, which continues to grow with each release. Pushing himself forwards, he is heading towards a big future.

“Take 1” is a smooth, Latin-infused percussive journey. Addictive vocals pair with a bassline that sticks in the head and synthesis that drops in and out to keep the listener guessing. This is a true exploration through what modern Electronic music is capable of. It transcends one genre and creates an irresistible fusion.

“Take 2” is a familiar flavour to the flipside, but with a much heavier House influence. With driving drums leading the charge, there is more melody and a deliciously deep drop. The vocals sit equally as perfectly in this version, with the flawless vocals of Katiahshe the cherry on the cake.

We can’t wait to hear what comes next, but right now we are going to kick back and enjoy “Don’t Stop”.

This track was released on Nervous Records on February 12, 2021 featuring remixes from Oscar G, Oba Frank Lords and Espinal & Nova.

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