Katy Perry – “Chained To The Rhythm” [Oliver Heldens REMIX]

The latest remix of pop icon Katy Perry has been released! Future House genius, Oliver Heldens released a new spiced up remix of “Chained To The Rhythm” on March 24th. This popular artist has been mixing since his high school years. Heldens will be at Lollapalooza in Chile tomorrow, April 2nd, which is exciting! Katy Perry’s up-tempo party track combined with Oliver Heldens’ unique style creates a brand-new jam with this new remix of “Chained To The Rhythm.”



The remix starts out with strong downtempo house beats accompanies by catchy snaps. Then Katy Perry’s strong vocals mix in accelerando. “Turn it up, keep it on repeat.” This track has a very consistent flavour throughout. Whether in the car, or on the dancefloor, heads and bodies will bounce along to this beat. It seems like the direction of the remix was geared to be more classically upbeat and bouncy while remaining technically concise. The result is outstanding.


YouTuber thoughts:

“Only Oliver Heldens😍” – MCampins28

“Love the drop! Isn’t like every other songs…something new” – Njaal Solem

“When you hear the beat at the beginning you already know it’s gonna be a great song!” – justus loomans

You can also checkout Oliver Helden’s Heldeep Radio on his YouTube page:

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