Kayzo’s “Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 2” Out Now

The compilation comes just in time for spooky season.

Following his 2019 album Little Comp of Horrors, Kayzo returns with its 2020 edition, Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 2, on Welcome Records.

In celebration of Kayzo’s favorite holiday, the compilation features some of bass music’s favorite names. True to its title, each song on the compilation offers an eerie element just in time for the spooky season.

Kayzo also shared his thoughts on the latest compilation.

Little Comp of Horrors is special to me because it revolves around my favorite holiday, Halloween. More importantly, it gives me a chance to find new talent and offer current talent a home for new music of all tempos and genres that are helping push electronic music forward.”

Kayzo on Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 2

Moving through the compilation’s tracks

In detail, the compilation kicks off with YehMe2’s “Chapter 2,” an otherworldly and intense display of the producer’s overwhelming mastery of trap and bass. Following the compilation’s strong start, Jayceeoh and PURGE put together their talents to create the mesmerizing and melodic “alive.”

“RIOT” by SYN and Kou blends together a heavy metal atmosphere with an unrelenting bass. And the bass continues with Ryan Browne’s “CREEP” while also incorporating unnerving vocals to encapsulate the Halloween spirit.

Moving on, “Blue Steel” by Dirty Audio and Tucker Kreway offers an unearthly and almost robotic sequence that seamlessly transitions to the next track, “Grody” by Bailo. Right off the bat, it introduces a familiar sample of Netflix’s Stranger Things before quickly turning the song’s mood into a staccato of heavy beats.

Meanwhile, “BANG BANG” by SEX DEATH creates a piercing atmosphere despite its minimalist beats and sounds. The song is juxtaposed against Callum Higby’s VIP bass-house track, “Bad Neighbour,” whose song brings on excitement and ferocity.

ALRT’s VIP drum and bass track “RVLTN” is the perfect midway point for the compilation, bringing down the tempo while maintaining the compilation’s essence. BRVMES introduces a jarring four-on-the-floor beat reminiscent of underground scenes in his song “666.”

Furthermore, BARILAN’s “Race for Survival” is appropriately named as it pushes the limits of ferocity. As the compilation moves on to “Over & Over” by CUSTO & SATØS, the song bombards listeners with furious bass and hi-hats.

Likewise, “RIP” by Mom N Dad and ESPER carries a barrage of futuristic sounds to set the compilation forward to the heavily guitar-laced “RAVEGRAVE” by REVEL, Sabroi, and Monolith.

Buzzing with an incredible vocal chop to slide into the track’s drop, Jezabel contributes the curious and hair-raising “Mort” to the Little Comp of Horrors Vol. 2.

Additionally, the narrated hardstyle offering “OUR WORLD” by SOREN pulls together a unique story to accompany the song’s ethereal quality.

Furthermore, the compilation rests for no one as the closing song “PUSHNPULL” by Krischvn kicks up the tempo to non-stop movement on the dancefloor followed by a gritty second drop.

Finally, stream or download the compilation here.

Little Comp of Horrors Volume 2 tracklist

  1. YehMe2 – “CHAPTER 2”
  2. Jayceeoh with Purge – “Alive”
  3. SYN & Kou – “Riot”
  4. Ryan Browne – “CREEP”
  5. Dirty Audio & Tucker Kreway – “Blue Steel”
  6. Bailo – “GRODY”
  7. SEX DETH – “bang bang”
  8. Callum Highby – “BAD NEIGHBOR” (VIP)
  9. ALRT – “RVLTN” (VIP)
  10. BRVMES – “666”
  11. BARILAN – “Race for Survival”
  12. Custo x SatØs – “Over and Over”
  13. MOM N DAD – “RIP”
  15. Jezabel – “Mort”
  17. Krischvn – “PUSHNPULL”
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