Ken Bauer Flexes His Production Skills in New Single ‘Making’

Ken Bauer has released a new single called ‘Making’. It starts off light and airy with those classic Progressive feels over a steady beat, drawing you in bar by bar. Silky vocals are brought in, harmonising with the beat and taking the track to a whole new level. He begins to flex his production muscles as the catchy hook in the build-up leads to an euphoric drop. This drop will sparks the listener’s imagination and tells a story like no other.

Ken Bauer’s relentless drive for delivering tougher, club-focused cuts are clear to see in ‘Making’. In this track, darker bass elements are incorporated, and it later ramps up the energy. This is an exceptional dance track that would take any crowd by storm at clubs, festivals or even at home.

In just five years, Ken Bauer has made his stamp on the electronic music industry with releases such as ‘Plastic Luv’ and ‘Feels Just Right’. His name has been in lights ever since his first release which went on to become one of the most downloaded tracks in Sweden for several weeks. From then, Ken has garnered support from the likes of David Guetta, Nicky Romero and Showtek.

‘Making’ is out now.

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