Kenji Releases New Future Bass Track – “Tides”

After his first release “Now or Never”, Houston producer Kenji is trying his hand at some future bass sounds with a smooth, building track “Tides”. The track starts off slowly and builds into a drop that changes pace as well as its style of sound. Kenji’s first two tracks are quite different, with his first more in a trap and bass style while “Tides” explores more of a bright and vibrant bassline.

You can listen to the track here:

Kenji unique skill in crafting layers in the track “Tide” and continue to build on what he lays down in the first twenty seconds of the song. The sounds he starts with never disappears, but he continues to add layers of electro instrumentals, completing it with a massive drop. When you hear the drop, it explodes with groovy basslines and a catchy rhythm. Kenji has shown range in his first two releases, expect more of the same moving forward.

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