Keno Releases First EP Titled ‘Kenotherapy’

The Texas-based music producer Keno has self-released his first EP dubbed Kenotherapy. A four-song EP that lasts a great 30 minutes of nothing but deep dark techno. Keno’s Kenotherapy EP is based around 130 BPM heart-pounding black acid techno.


Firestarter opens the EP with acid sounds coming along with an unorthodox style of percussion following along. Calm pads fill in the blanks as the kick drum pounds away throughout the almost five-minute track.

Fear Addicted

The second track off the EP is a personal favorite, as it pounds with a breathtaking drum line with, of course, more of that acidic flavor. Growls entice as the melody wraps it all nicely together. However, this track is extremely long, coming in at a little above 12 minutes. Keno managed to keep the track energized, organized, and above all banging the whole time.

Mind Detonator

A unique song that also carries along the signature growl throughout the EP is Mind Detonator. This is a very body swaying track as the percussion side of the song seems to sweep from one side to the next. A very fast and punchy song that would make for a great club banger.

Trouble Starter

Finishing the EP we have Trouble Starter, a very dark eerie track that brings a special vibe to the booth. A melody that sweeps by elegantly but is disturbed by a very blunt screech. Throughout the song, very intimidating vocals appear for the first time in the EP. A staple for me while listening because it shows the attitude in mind a lot clearer compared to others. A great way to conclude a very special piece of art from a young music producer.

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Lucas Banda

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