Kēvens Shares Powerful Message Through “Battle For Peace”

Kēvens' "Battle For Peace" tells everyone to unite during this hectic time in today's society

Kēvens is a top singer-songwriter and producer who continues pumping up the crowds for over the past 20 years. Currently residing in Miami, Kēvens started his music career since 1997 after starting out as a commercial actor. His musical style merges EDM with rock, reggae and dub and he also has a strong relationship with the legendary Marley family as well.

That unique blend helps Kēvens to become one of the first to incorporate live bands with EDM. On October 30, he dropped a powerful, passionate single called “Battle For Peace“. Kēvens’ “Battle For Peace” tells listeners to “put down the guns, the violence, the nonsense, and dance”. Here is a review of “Battle For Peace”, a cry for unity in today’s hectic societal and political climate.

Kēvens’ “Battle For Peace” is a strong message for peace

Kēvens incorporated various elements of traditional and modern music into the production of “Battle of Peace”. The track contains a great dose of EDM that join forces with drum-and-bass, reggae, and traditional Japanese music. “Battle For Peace” opens up with an exotic flute riff. Afterwards, Kēvens’ emotive vocal piece enters alongside a nice drum and bass bassline.

While the track is perfect for any upbeat setting, whether at a backyard party or at a music festival, it also allows each listener to think about today’s world. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, continuing violence, and social disunity, the future remains uncertain. However, Kēvens’ “Battle For Peace” provides listeners the opportunity to make a positive change in their lives and gives them hope for a brighter future. Download and stream “Battle For Peace” now.

Kēvens’ hopes for everyone who listens “Battle For Peace”

“We’ve all have been effected by gun violence and the end result of racism one way or an other. Our spirits hurt and we need healing. It is my hope this song will make those who love to point and shoot senselessly to pause just for a milli-second and commit to life instead of death”. #endgunviolence4life

Kēvens explains the message behind “Battle For Peace”

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